How Babysitting Benefits Teens
March 17, 2023
Categories: Info for Parents

In today’s blog post, we’ll be covering the additional benefits for teens when taking The Babysitting Course. Taking this virtual babysitting course is a valuable experience for learning how to care for young children, but it also teaches important life skills such as communication, organization, responsibility and much more! 

In the online babysitting course, students are taught step-by-step how to communicate with parents and children. They learn to keep it simple, positive, consistent, and specific if they’re giving instructions. Babysitters are also provided guidance on how to have discussions with parents too. Money has long been a taboo topic for babysitters and parents alike. Having the ‘money-talk’ is an extremely valuable and transferable skill for their future careers!

Babysitters also learn effective organizational skills when it comes to planning activities and preparing for emergencies. The Babysitting Course provides teens with handy downloadable resources, such as the Babysitter’s Checklist – which can help them to ask important questions before each job. Questions relating to emergency information, medical history, pet care, allowed activities and bedtime routines, ensure that the Babysitter has information readily available without having to ask parents repeatedly for help. Learning to come prepared and be self-sufficient are important life lessons. 

Finally, the Babysitter will learn about responsibility. This is perhaps the first time that teens are going to be given significant responsibility – which may be very exciting and overwhelming! They are graduating from staying home alone, to being responsible for others as well. The Babysitting Course prepares and encourages teens to take initiative while on the job and to also be upfront and transparent with parents.  For example, if the kids don’t go to bed on-time, that’s okay, but it’s good to let the parents know.  

Remember, the parents who hire them can be excellent references for their first jobs (outside of babysitting). So maintaining a great relationship and showcasing these important qualities to parents, can help with the next chapter in their life as well. 

Communication, organization and responsibility are just some of the life-skills that students will learn in The Babysitting Course – not to mention basic first aid! At the end of the day, it’s more than just a babysitting job, it’s about helping your teen mature in a healthy and productive way while building skills they can use for the rest of their lives. 

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