We Teach Skills for Life

Babysitting is a big responsibility and we designed The Babysitting Course with that in mind! We certify babysitters that are confident and fully prepared to handle any situation.

With bite-sized lessons and an easy-to-navigate format, this is virtual learning like you haven’t experienced before! Our scenario videos feature real teens in realistic scenes, and learners get a chance to answer how they would act in that same situation.

“We have created a variety of different ways for the babysitter to learn. It is incredibly interactive. It is very easy to move from one module to the next. I’m also really excited about the way that we did some of the experiential learning.”

Deb Hennig, Program Director

Course Modules

To complete the babysitting online course, students will go through each module from 1-6, in order.

The modules start with becoming a babysitter and caring for children, before introducing more serious topics like conflict resolution, staying safe, handling emergencies and basic first aid.

Each module includes Tips, Reflections and Knowledge Checks, helping students move through sections comfortably and increasing their confidence.

The Babysitting Checklist is a big part of The Babysitting Course, and each module talks about how to fill it out and when to refer back to it for answers. Having the checklist printed out when going through the course is a smart idea!

The Qualities of a Great Babysitter

  • How to interview with parents
  • How to safely get a job
  • Preparing for any babysitting job

Understanding the Needs of Children

  • What to expect from different age groups
  • Choosing age appropriate activities
  • Being attentive to individual needs

Caring for Children

  • The importance of following rules and routines
  • Skills for safely feeding, toileting, bathing, etc.
  • How to communicate and resolve conflict

Staying Safe on the Job

  • How to spot different dangers around the house
  • What to do when strangers come to the door
  • Road and traffic safety

Handling Emergencies

  • Becoming a ‘First Aider’
  • Items in a First Aid Kit
  • When and how to make a 911 call

Basic First Aid

  • First aid for injuries, choking, allergies, bleeding, seizures, asthma, diabetes and more
  • Introduction to CPR and how to use an AED

First Aid Training is Our Specialty

The Babysitting Course was developed by Action First Aid, a First Aid Training Agency. With over 25 years of delivering the babysitting course in-person, we are excited to now offer this course completely online. We’ve worked hard to ensure that your virtual experience is just as dynamic and fun as the in-class course.

Action First Aid empowers people to take action by delivering interactive and engaging First Aid, CPR & AED training. They also offer in-person Babysitting Classes and used feedback from real students to create this online course for babysitters.