Crafts and games that are easy to make!
December 30, 2021
Categories: Activities

Create these activities with items from around the house!

Paper Bag Puppets

Create puppets to put on your very own show. If you don’t have paper bags around, substitute with old socks or staple paper together. Get creative with googly eyes, pipe cleaners, glitter, stickers and more! Help the kids make their own and then tell a story with the puppets. 

Scavenger Hunt

Hide toys around the house and create clues for the kids to find them. Each toy that they find will have the clue to the next toy’s location! These clues can be really simple for younger ages, or more complicated for older kids. You can also recreate this as a Treasure Hunt, and draw a map with X marking the spot where the ‘treasure’ is hidden. You can use toys that they already have, or a treat that they’re allowed to eat. 

Fly Paper Planes

Hit the skies, even when the weather isn’t great for being outside! Take any kind of paper that you have lying around and make all sorts of paper planes. You can fold them in different ways, decorate them and best of all – fly them! Set up a runway and take turns flying your planes, seeing which ones go the furthest. 

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Egg Carton Crafts

Empty egg cartons are one of the best items for getting crafty! Check out The Spruce Crafts for 25 different ideas just to do with recycled egg containers. There are options for all seasons like snowmen, trees, Halloween spiders and pretty flowers. 

Make Cards

There is always a holiday approaching, and you can help the kids create cards for their parents. Look in a calendar and find an upcoming date like Mother’s Day in May, Father’s Day in June, Valentine’s Day in February or St. Patrick’s Day in March. Then, fold some paper in half and have fun decorating! Help the children glue, color and write to make their very own cards. This one is sure to impress the parents.